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The following is a collection of some of the hundreds of letters which have been written to me concerning my various publications.  Most are relating to my drug database, but some concern other bits and pieces as well.

Jonathan P -    Congratulations on your 'BNF' Psion database - you`ve completed a task I`ve never had the willpower to attempt.

Dr Christopher H      -    Finally got around to downloading your BNF.
Looks very good.  A great addition to my Series 5.

Jeremy T -    This drug database is something I have been looking for, for a VERY long time!  I attempted to make one myself, but never got time to finish it!   A wholehearted THANK YOU for this great piece of work.  I know it will come in very handy!  Please let me know about any updates.  Cheers,   Jeremy

Sooraj -    I am very new to this field, so I'll save my comments for a later date. Well I can tell you this much - I am impressed!  See you soon.

Dr William H -    Thanks for the database;  I will explore it with interest.  I have gradually built up a small Word file with various drugs I occasionally get to use (inotropes etc).  Your database should fill in many gaps.

Lloyd D -    Jason,  Very impressed with your dilligence.
Have been looking for similar program for some time. Thanks,  LD

Ken S -    Very useful drug prog - have running on my PC (using database from PsiWin)

Dr Nicholas JW -    Dear Dr Wolfe,  I was amazed with your Web site.  It must have taken you hours to put together!  Days even!  I have been a keen fan of Psions for years, I have been desperately seeking medical sofware for them but never found anything on web before until I came across your site.  I have tried to put my own stuff together, but it takes such a long time.  Anyway I will be a regular visitor to your site.

Anthony B -    Wicked man.  This is just perfect for a busy cas which is what I do. Thanks.

Igor L -    Just bought my Psion S5 and I was looking for practical medical databases.  Your site helps a lot.  Thank you.

R N A -    Thank you very much.  Keep up the good work.

Jim O -    Excellent work Jason!!  I look forward to using your software.
I will be in contact soon.  Jim

Robert G -    Unbelievable work on "Drug".  Excellent!!

Sarju P -    Hello Jason, I've been using your BNF drug file at work (I'm a Pharmacist) for the past week.  I think it's absolutely fantastic.

It's been extremely useful to me and I would like to thank you for giving it to us medical people.  All your hard work is certainly apreciated.  I've been using it on the Series 5 but I also have a Palm 3 and I would like to transfer the drug database to it, any ideas ?

I understand that you are developing a CSV version, is it ready yet, because I think this format could be transfered to a Palm 3?

The folks at BNF certainly do not realise that this is in no way a direct copy of their publication.

Keep up the good work
Thanks,  Sarju

David H -    Your contributions to your medical colleages is impressive.  I am very grateful for the drug database, which I use on my Series 5.  Please advise me of an new material you update / develop.  Best of luck with your career.   David

Paul D -    I have the PC electronic BNF and I wrote to ask if they were considering a Psion Series 5 version  -   They said it would be too difficult and there would probably not be enough uptake to justify it.  It has been, I feel, the facility most lacking.  It is always the BNF you want to refer to in A&E or in the wards or in out-patients, it is too bulky to carry around, there's never one around that's less than 5 years old, etc, you know how it is.  Anyway, need I say more!  That is how much I have wanted a portable version of the BNF.

I think yourself, Shane McKee, David Henshaw and Jonathan Perry should all get together and make a single program that does everything - bring together all the best bits of Psion BNF, Medikit, MedicAid and WardFive to make a program that will make people want to buy a Psion 5 just so they can have this kit!

Dr Andrew T -    I am trying to encourage my trainees to look at the various programs, use them and tell others about them.

Robert J -    I have found this site to be an excellent source of information and would just like to say  Thank you, and "Keep it Up"

Ludvic U Z -    Hi Jason,  I am a Basic Surgical Trainee in Malta.  Being the proud owner of a Psion 5, originally bought for logbook purposes, I am now inseparable from it.  Finally with 'Drug' I have a BNF with me all the time and it also fits in my pocket.  Well done!  Thanks for your initiative. Regards,  Ludvic.

Darren P -    Subject: RPSGB - a pain.
Sorry to hear the the RPSGB have stopped you releasing your drug's database, I saw your page mentioned on Shane's web page, and being a pharmacist for my sins, I thought I'd give your database a whizz on my S5, but alas, as always the society have to come along and put their oar in.  I bet if Boots released a copy on their web site the society wouldn't dare say anything!!!!  Are there any archives on the net where an old copy of the database might be stored - so I can download a copy ?
Yours,  Darren

Stephen C -    As a complete newcomer to the use of psions in medicine I am frankly bitterly dissapointed in the pharmacy tyrants forbidding you to disseminate knowledge in a perfectly proper manner, of great help to all of those involved in patient care.  May I take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and talent in producing these useful items, and to ask quite inappropriatly the E-mail address of anyone you know with the withdrawn drug database.

Duncan H -    Hi, Sorry to see the removal of Drug from your site (which I stumbled upon by accident).  I am a Psion user but not a doctor, in fact I work in a complementary health setting as practice manager.  I therefore have a need to at least understand about drugs which clients / patients are telling me about.  Obviously I do not give advice, but the more I understand the more effective I can be in supporting the therapists at the centre.

I therefore would ask you to recommend any other site from which I might be able to download your work since I am sure that someone somewhere will still have an existing copy of your excellent sounding database.

Dave M -    Hi Jason,  I am currently an orthopaedic SHO who has just puchased a Psion Five.  One of my aims was to write some medical databases but you seem to have managed to beat me to it.  Obviously one of the most useful would be a Formulary so it is with great disappiontment that I discover you have spent your time writing such a gigantic tomb for it not to be available.

I find it disgusting that a body The Royal Pharmaceutical Society would try to block the widespread use of technology which could save patients lives.

I look forward to your abridged version becoming available and I wish you the best of luck with your exams.

Steve D -    "Drug" excellent, useful & should be essential equipment.  Glad I got a copy before you had to withdraw it.

Keep up the good work, though not too many nurse jokes!!

Dr Alex P -    Sorry to hear that you had to remove your drug database.  I look forward to seeing your "reduced" version when available.  I'll try to keep checking back, but if you are able to just drop me a quick email and let me know when its available that would be great.  Thanks,  Alex

Niraj G -    Just a compliment actually.
Drug is probably one of the best programs for my Psion 5.

Marcus B -    Just saying hi, keep up the good work and I hope to see your drug database released soon as it will be a great help for me.  Wish I could have got your full version.  Once again keep up the good work.

John E -    Jason, I saw your Drug database on Stefan's 5 Alive page and would agree with you that the BNF do not have copyright of the info you publish - After all the data is freely available in the public domain especially when drug companies publish data in publications such as Data Sheet Compendiums and mail outs to Doctors and pharmacists.  I would be interested in seeing a full copy of the version but would understand if you feel sensitive about this!  If you have plans to challenge them again, let me know and I will give you my support.  Hope to here from you.  Cheers,  John.

Wayne F -    Thank you for making this elusive info available and thank you to all NHS medical staff (especially A&E) for doing such a brilliant job often without thanks and always without enough money and hours in the day.  Keep up the good work !!

James H -    Just a quick email to say a BIG thank you for all the work you put in on DR5 - I will be using it.  If sometime in the future those bullies at the RPSGB ease up on you I would obviously like the unrestricted copy.  Yours with kind regards & much appreciation.

Madho J -    I have found your drug database very useful.  I have also compiled a database for anaesthetic literature and I have also felt that the copyright problem will prevent me from distributing it.  When I spoke to the people who wrote the book version they were not keen on a handheld version.  They may now feel that the quality of the handheld machines is such that electronic version of such books can be sold at a reasonable price.  Have you tried to get the BNF people to release the program themselves with a cut for you for each one they sell.  That might be a compromise.

Carlos G -    Dear Dr. Jason Wolfe,  I´m a Portuguese pulmonologist and intensivist.  I´ve been experimenting your drugs database and I find it quite useful.  When I try to compare it with my own (around 100 entries) I feel quite embarassed (shame on me).  Congratulations for your wonderful work on this subject.  Sorry by my poor English.

PS: How can you do so many things and have so many interests?  Please explain me your secret.  (Let me guess: You're not married ;-)  Thank you for your database Drug5

Timothy H -    I'm just dowloading them at present to see if they will be of use.  I suspect the Drug one will be.  It's a great shame the contra-indications aren't included, as that's the bit that would be most useful given the amount of patients I meet that have taken X with Y, or alcohol, and now don't feel too well.  Is it possible to edit / add to the program to include the contra-indications personally, or even better to get just the contra-indications and side effects part from you?

Tony S -    Dear Jason,  Many congratulations on the Drug database prog for the Psion 5. I am a dentist in the UK and this type of programme is ideal and easier to use than the BNF formulary.  I agree with you it is petty and narrow minded to prevent you publishing more features which would help fellow professionals, especially as it is a non commercial project.  If you can ever release a full version please let me know, Kind Regards,  Tony.

Ramsay E -    Dear Dr Wolfe, I have just brought my fiancee a Series 5, she is doing her JHO rotation and I wanted to download your drug list, but as I read your friends at the great (......) BNF have caused you to limit the database that you can publish.

P.S. it amazes me that the RPSoGB and other associates have the time to scour the net but not the time or inclination to support their hard working members.

Steve C -    Just a quick thank you.
I down loaded the drug database recently and it has proved useful on several occasions already.  As I work outside of the usual hospital environment, having such resources available in such a portable form is extremely useful.  AND YES - The BNF are wrong, the information used by the BNF is not exclusive to them, and can be obtained by anyone directly from the drug manufacturer.  GOOD LUCK.

Rob C -    Hi Jason,
What a fantastic piece of work, no wonder it took you ages!  If the publishers took the trouble to write the BNF for the Psion, I'd buy it anyway, so I think they've got a nerve to complain about copyright.

David M -    I've looked at your website and (although it's clearly designed mostly for your fellow doctors!) found it useful and interesting.  Thanks.  A pity about the restrictions on the full drugs data in your database, though.  It would be vastly more useful in the full, unexpurgated version.

Sander S -    Great work, your drugs database!
I was working on a dutch version myself based on the dutch formulary. When I found your version, I was thrilled because almost all I wanted is already there.  Too bad your pharmaceutical society doesn't allow you to go on with it and making it available for the rest of the world.  The life of a physician will be a lot easier with this portable database.

Leroy C -    Thank you for providing an excellent resource for a struggling young doctor like myself.  Found it very useful.  Have actually started producing a drug database for my 3a myself based on the Australian MIMS (akin to the BNF).  About 20% completed until I saw your site.  Have since abandoned my project  ;)  haha!

Too bad I wasn't in time to download the full original version when it was first put out.  Am now trying to add on to your database with S/Es, Indications and Contraindications, but the going's pretty slow.  Anyway, thanks for helping me save hours and hours of work, and kudos for putting in much time and effort for a good cause.

Yeah, I don't believe the BNF should be copyright too.  Add my name to your list.  Regards,  Roy

David A -    Dear Jason,  I am a locum pharmacist who has recently downloaded your drug database onto my Psion 3a.  It is excellent and I think that the BNF/RPSGB are wrong to prohibit you!  Could you please e-mail me and let me know how I can register with you to receive updates.

Keep up the good work developing material for handhelds ! Regards,  David

Onno T -    Hi Jason, I applaud you on your efforts to get this palmtop database out into the open!!  I'm just starting to use this Psion 5 in the clinic as a neurosurgery resident.

As a starting resident you probably remember carrying around all kinds of booklets with useful info, amongst them a small drug database booklet containing most often used doses of common drugs and their interactions. Small as it is it still has the ability to annoyingly crowd your already stuffed up doctors' coat!  A palmtop is basically there to make all these little booklets and chaotic notes you carry around obsolete.

Peter B -    Dear Dr Wolfe,  My congratulations on such a comprehensive database.  I cannot claim to use it everyday but then one of the reasons I became a radiologist was that I hadn't the first idea about drugs!  In all seriousness the comfort of having this information to hand is great even if it is only used occasionaly.

What a shame they "persecuted" you - I always thought information was there to enable to help people more easily.  Too idealistic I suppose.  Even the restricted version is useful though.

Another great use for the Psion  -  Many thanks.  Peter

Ron R -    I just got my psion and downloaded your drug database.  It's fantastic!  Too bad about the changes you had to make.  Any way of getting some info on the removed side-effects etc.  Thanks a lot.

Arnie C -    I strongly disagree with the accusation of any infringement of copyright regarding your Psion Drug Database.  I am sorry to hear that it would mean a court case in order to even dispute the above.  The current 'restricted' version for my Psion 5 is excellent, user-friendly, useful info +++

I am currently a 2nd year medical SHO, soon to move over to anaesthetics (my sister is currently a series 3c owner and anaesthetic Spr at Broomfield) and would be grateful for any further info on anyupdates / new progs etc...

Ingo E -    Dear Jason Wolfe,
I have downloaded your exquisite drug database a few weeks ago.  It is an ideal reference when I don't have access to the Dutch version of the 'BNF'.  Working on a Pharmacoepidemiology Unit it is a bit disappointing that you had to remove the contraindications and side effects fields.  Hopefully you will be able to put them back somewhere in the future.   With many thanks,  Ingo

Michael B -    Dear Mr. Wolfe,
Congratulations. It sounds like your drugs database project made a few people sit up and take notice !!  No doubt they'll produce their own version and flog it to us at an enormous price.  The BNF costs £16 Irish quid to NCHDs over here.

Francois T -    I am an SHO in anaesthetics and think that your database is GREAT and very helpfull!!  Just a pity the full version is not available any longer as I would certainly have found that even more useful.  I think that the BMA and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society are wrong in stopping the distribution of your version and should have brought out their own years ago too.  Yours sincerely,  Francois

Dr. G.B.S.S. -    Dear Dr. Wolfe,
I am, like yourself a basic surgical trainee, on a rotation in Liverpool.  I have been looking for a drug database similar to the BNF for use on my Psion.  However, I reckon that the BNF are not being very fair by not allowing you to list SEs and contraindications in your database - after all, that is one of any drug database's main features.  This is especially unfair considering that they do not provide a useable database for the psion themselves.

I would be grateful if you could perhaps provide me with your own "personal version" of the database ... though if this is not possible I guess I'll just have to keep referring to the bloody BNF.

Hans S -    For the benefit of prescribers, you should have been offered assistance with your production.  I would have happily subscribed to a psion database containing BNF information.  Their CD Rom is quite user UNFRIENDLY!   Keep up the good work.  I miss your product.

Richard S -    I am an anaesthetics registrar in South Africa.  I would like to thank you so much for your hard work in creating a database of this magnitude and making it available to all psion users.  It really has proved most invaluable.  Thanks once again.

Nigel R -    Sorry about the copyright law thing.
I seems totally contradictory to me to have a copyright on information that is helpful, useful and potentially could save lives.  There's something wrong somewhere ?

Shall probably use the info as cross-refrence / emergency info as required.   Thanks,  Nigel.

Andrew E -    I would like to thank you for maintaining your drugs database for the Psion 5. As someone totally unconnected with the medical profession I am not able to justify buying a copy of the BNF.  Also I would not carry a copy around with me if I did own one, so I was therefore grateful to have your drugs database with me on my Psion 5 when I recently found myself having to visit a GP whilst travelling abroad on a business trip.  It was reassuring for me to be able to at least identify the drugs prescribed to me there as being recognised here.  Of course it would also have been good to see the possible side effects stated, but I understand why you are unable to publish this and other fields of the database.

I am disappointed that the RPS have threatened to sue you for breach of copyright.  It is hard to believe that sales of the BNF would have been noticably affected by the continuation of your database in its full form.  It also seems to me that insisting upon the removal of the side effects and cautions etc. from your database constitutes a breach of freedom of information that could in certain cases prove to be harmful.   Regards, Andrew.

Mian G -    Hello Jason,  Please add me to the list of registered users, so I can be notified of future updates.  I am very impressed with the database, very handy for reference.  In the past I rang home as my mother has a copy of the said book.  I beleive the BNF are wrong in restricting you from providing the full list of categories.  The side effects and cautions I find are the most informative part.

I beleived that Copyright infrigments were only relevant if the text was copied word for word.  Changing the odd word would surely prevent the copyright infrigment.  Anyway keep up the good work.  Cheers,  Mian.

Faisal T -    Hi Jason,  Came across your website, and your fantastic efforts in converting the BNF into a mobile searchable resource, why the publishers of eBNF haven't already done this is totally beyond me.  Although I don't have a psion anymore (I defected to Wince), the .CSV file of the cut down version is extremely useful.  It would be EVEN more useful if it were the full version.  I'm a UK registered pharmacist, currently working in the community.

Nabeela A -    Dear Jason,  Hi.  You're material is very entertaining - every time I access bits I think how and where did someone find the effort to put this all together!  I had a look at your home page and realized that you are a worker as well so excess time on your hands is not the issue.  Incidentally, did you ever do a medical student placement or HO/SHO job at Newham?  You looked vaguely familiar although I have over the past eight years done quite a bit of nursing at the London as well.

I'm mainly using the drug info, med facts and muscles database.  You'll be pleased to hear that I actually managed to use the drug database today - and impress my new consultant in the process as well.  Being a bit quaint about technology he was dead impressed!

I have been curious since coming across your site though - how on earth have you managed to transcribe all those pages of text onto your computer?  I was discussing this with friends who claimed you've probably scanned the material in, but I've tried that and the transfer is not without problems.  I'm intrigued certainly, but the other explanation that you thought it would benefit medicine was, I thought, slightly less plausible!  So which are you?  A good doer or a do gooder?

Hope your next project is just as worth while.

Rupert M -    Sorry to hear of the grief you suffered at the hands of the RPSGB about the drug formulary.  Fab web site.
Yours,   'A selected personal friend?'

Simon C -    Dear Jason,  I recently bought a Psion 5mx, and downloaded your BNF data file for it.  It's fantastic - and silly that the powers that be won't let you distribute the whole thing.  Although I try to have my BNF around when I'm likely to need it, I often find myself without it when I want it.

I'm working as a software engineer, while finishing my PhD in mathematics, but am a first-aider with a serious lay interest in medicine, and umming and ahhing about going to med school in October 2000.  I'm also, since you mention your piano playing on your web page, a jazz trumpet player and big band leader.

If you are able to send me the uncensored version for my own personal use, I would be very grateful.  But if you can't (or don't have time or whatever) then still please accept my thanks for what is already a useful clinical adjunct, not to say good revision for my slowly-developing grasp of pharmacology and biochemistry!   Cheers,  Simon.

Damian W -    Amazing.  You must have spent so much time doing it.  Well done for allowing others to use your work without charge.  Shame about the drug program having to be crippled.  Doesn't make sense really - allowing doctors to have a database without Side Effects, Cautions and Contra-indications - That's safe isn't it?!  And as if it's going to affect sales of the BNF - Doctors don't pay for it anyway!!!  Can't you persuade them to allow you to publish the full version if it was guaranteed to be used by doctors only (eg. you could use  Let me know what you think.

Steve E -    I am sorry to learn that the establishment is yet again putting more obstacles in every junior doctor's life.  It is criminal that certain institutions, who believe that they have exclusive rights to what is clearly public knowledge, put profit ahead of patient safety.

This program which would have helped hard pressed juniors manage patient care in a more efficient manner should have been promoted by the BMA.  I would grateful if you would let me know of anything that I can do to help resolve this issue.  Please keep on writing your databases.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Peter R -    Hi Jason, I think that you did a sterling job in making the BNF easily portable and available for personal Psion users.  I can't believe that the publishers have banned this version.  If you were charging money for it or selling it to an organisation I suppose that would be different, but by simply banning a Psion version to help doctors on a personal level is crazy.

I worked in the UK for 3 years and remember the frustration at always having to find a BNF lying around.  Most of the drug names are already in my head, its when checking for interactions and containdications that I generally use the BNF.  To have all that information readily available on my own Psion would be great and make me a better doctor!   I carry my psion on my belt with me everywhere.  My Psion has been where no BNF has been before!  Oh well.  I'll have to try and carry another formulary around with me ... and loose it yet again!

Andy N -    Many thanks for the BNF drug database.  I have found it very useful in my line of work (mental health nurse) - much appreciated. Keep up the good (and obviously very hard) work!

Stephen B -    Dear Dr. Wolfe,
I think the BNF were wrong to ban the full version of your fantastic BNF db.  How much is the registration fee?.  Kind Regards

Kyl L -    Hi, I am a 4th year Med student here at Newcastle upon Tyne.  I own a palm pilot for sometime now and have been quite fed up with the fact that most of the medical software and databases available are written mainly for doctors in the States.  Therefore I was quite happy to stumble across your web site and read what you have been up to.  I downloaded the limited version of the BNF but was wondering if it would be possible for you to forward me the full version. Although the limited version is useful the full version must be by far superior ... since it contains essential info like 'Side Effects', 'Cautions', 'Contra-indications' and 'Interactions'.  Thank you...

Barry D -    I am indebted to you for your publishing this database.  Throughout my first year in housejobs my Psion never left my side and two pieces of software have been invaluable, namely Drug5 and WardFive.  I am frustrated by the lack of support you have received from the RPS and BMA.  Thankfully I was an early adopter and have the unrestricted version but it now is in need of updating.  Rather than lose the CI etc info I was wondering if you have an update package or even a new unrestricted Drug5.  I realise that this is not for global distribution and accept that you need to keep your own distribution small.  Hope that this finds you well and still Psioning.

Bret C -    I have recently downloaded your database for the Psion 5, Drug.  I find it exceptionally good, and use it most days.  I am an anaesthetic SpR in Leeds, and working on ICU it is saving me spending time searching for a BNF constantly.  I feel it is most inappropriate for the BNF to take the position they have regarding copyright, as this info should be freely distributed.  I would obviously very much like to see the version that you have.  Thanks again for all your hard work.

Karanvir S -    Other Comments : I have been using your BNF database on my Psion Series 5 and am very impressed by the effort you have put into making the database.  I think works of this kind help doctors reduce the number of wrong prescriptions and should not be banned (by the BNF) because they increase the safety factor in medical prescriptions.  Is the BNF trying to make money at the expense of patient safety?  Regards,  Dr. Karanvir S

Lars W -    I'm impressed by your medical database and grateful that you've taken the time and effort to make it freely available.  Lots of medical Psion users make up their own databases of reference ranges, equations, etc, but yours is the most comprehensive I've seen.  If you can suggest any way of getting hold of the full version of your BNF file I'd be grateful - I forgot to take my BNF with me when I left the UK, and the local equivalent is terrible.  Thanks again,  Regards, Lars W

Eric C -    I am a medical oncology resident from Toronto, Canada. Recently, I purchased a 5mx and liked it very much, and this is why I come across your site.  It is certainly very helpful if I can carry drug information around in a computer instead of a big thick book.  What do you think we will have to do to convince the Royal Pharmaceutical Society that they should release the database?

Hasan P -    My name is Hasan P and I am a med. student in the Netherlands.  I study in Nijmegen at the academic hospital St. Radboud.  You probably have never heard of it, but it is a well known hospital in the Netherlands.  I am in my fifth year now.  I was looking for some medical databases and programms for my Psion 5mx on the internet, when I saw your drug database.  You mentioned that is isn't the full version.  I was wondering if there is a possibility that I could obtain the full version of your drug database.  I really could use such a database because this way I don't need to carry a 2 pounds heavy pharmaceutical book with me all the time.  Thanks in advance,  Hasan P

Giorgos K -    I am a Medical Researcher at the Free University Hospital of Amsterdam and also the proud owner of a Series 5.  It has always been in my plans to integrate and also intensify medical training in every way possible.  With considerable regret, I noticed that the full version of the database had been forcefully taken out.  I was wondering if it might be possible to get some guidance of where I might find a copy of the full version.  I am not asking you to supply me with one, since that is not allowed, but perhaps you know the address of a site that can help me further in my quest. Thank you for all the help.  Kindest regards.

David B -    Other Comments: I agree with you that the publishers of the BNF should allow you to publish the full version.  The electronic version of the BNF is cumbersome to use on a day to day basis, and I suspect that there is a reluctance to publish it for EPOC because of the lack of profit!  I think that there would be quite a demand for it though.  Thanks for the smaller version anyway.

George O -    I work in Moscow as a health projects adviser to the U.S. Agency for International Development.  I have a copy of your drugs database dated 18 Aug 98, and have had occasion to use it often.  I know from your last posting of DB5 that you have encountered problems with the BNF, and I agree with you that the BNF publishers have "gone over the top".  Sorry to trouble you, but I wonder if you have a later version than 18 Aug 98 which is not "crippled", i.e. has the side effects, contraindications, etc fields, and whether you would be able to send it to me. This would be strictly for my own personal use.  In any event, I thank you in advance.   Sincerely,  George O

David H -    I am an Anaesthetist in Birmingham.  I've just bought a psion 5mx and have been searching the net for medical software.  I found your BNF - wow - fantastic!  I am always finding patients on some weird drug that I have never heard of (or have forgotten) and it is so useful to have the facility to search on the psion.  I also use it for a logbook.  The amount of work you have put in phenomenal.  I am sorry that you have had your efforts minimised through copyright restrictions - it would be brilliant to have the whole thing :-)  But I must say that even the cut down version is of imense use.  Thank you for your efforts.   David.

Allister W -    I am mailing you to add my voice to the many who must be concerned that the BMA and the pharmacutical society are seeking to obstruct the dissemination of the information in the BNF.

I am working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with the child and family mental health service in Edinburgh.  As I am sure you are aware many of the families I see have multiple problems and are poor compliers with medication.  As a more accessable person than many of the families GP's I am often asked about medication being taken by other members of the family as welll as the youngsters we see.

The prospect of having a BNF in my Revo to refer to seemed too good to be true... and it was as the very information that would be the most useful which is omitted !

Edmond S -    I'm currently a pre-registration house surgeon and I have used your BNF on my Psion Revo.  I found it extremely practical in the ward setting and it's a shame that I do not have the full details on the formulary.  I could not understand why the BNF should wave its copyright laws since it is widely available to doctors with no extra charge.  I wonder if there is anyway they would reconsider their action.... Thank you anyway for making it available to Psion users like myself.  Yours sincerely,  Edmond S

Mohammed Rashid -    Awsome website, I loved the part about your elective

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