WARDROUND by Shane McKee


Updated 24th July 1999

WARDROUND is a patient information management aid for doctors, written for the Psion 3a/3c/3mx/Siena palmtop computer. Its main feature is the ability to store, edit, and rearrange patient information "on the hoof", making it ideal for carrying on those busy consultant ward rounds. You can also generate To Do lists, GP letters, Handover lists using the Print facility (Registered Version)

WardRound for Psion Series 3a/c/mx

WardRound for Psion Siena - Size isn't everything!

WardFive also exists for the Series 5 in a new guise called Client_L.  It has been said that this program is so good that it has made people want to buy a Series 5...  Check it out on the Palmaris website.

Screen Shot

Here's a screenshot from WardRound. The window on the left, containing the names of patients, represents a WARD of your hospital. Each patient is assigned a BED, and can be moved between beds & wards as necessary. This enables you to remember patient details by location. WARDROUND currently supports 8 different wards containing 20 patients each, as well as an ADMISSIONS BUFFER and a DISCHARGES BUFFER.

Data entry is quick and intuitive. Just hit ENTER over an empty bed to add a new patient, or over an occupied bed to update patient details. Press Tab to edit the current diamond field, or PSION+D,M,I or C to edit a chosen diamond field. I've tried to keep the whole fairly close to the Psion User Interface.

When you place the grey highlight bar over a patient, their details are displayed on the right. The "Diamond Fields" are not romantic at all - they refer to entry fields of: "Diagnosis and History", "Medications", "Investigations", and "Comments & To-Do". Any Patient with an entry in the current diamond field is displayed in italics (or user-definable style), making them easy to identify. Cycle through the diamond fields by pressing the diamond key to the left of the spacebar.

Active List View

In the program, you get a view of all patients with entries in the current Diamond Field. This is known as the Active List, and the view is shown above. This is very useful for chasing up any outstanding to-dos etc.

If you want to see a quick on-screen summary of your patient, simply press Psion-S while in the main Ward view.

You can now generate lists of your patients, and dump details to a WORD file for formatting prior to printing.  WARDROUND also now generates GP summary letters.  Here's an example of a GP letter generated solely on the basis of patient data in WardRound (ie prior to editing):

2 Dec 1997
Dear Dr,
Re:  Joe Bloggs, DoB: 07 Jul 1956, Hosp No: 97/12345 :
Your patient was admitted on 30 Nov 1997 to our hospital under
the care of Dr Fowler. 
Admission type: Emergency

Problem list:
    1 :  Sore toe
    2 :  Acutely swollen ego
    3 :  Night sweats
    4 :  Smelly socks

Medications & Allergies:
    1 :  Aziprocin 12mg bd
    2 :  Nimbopentol 50mg tid
    3 :  Skibbotrix 100mg qid
    4 :  ***Allergic to CRUMMEP***

Investigations & Results:
    1 :  30/11/97: U&E: NAD
    2 :  30/11/97: FBP: NAD
    3 :  CT Sock: Didn't fit in scanner

Management plan:
    1 :  Medline search on socks
    2 :  Wash socks
    3 :  Increase Aziprocin to 15mg bd
    4 :  Discharge home
    5 :  No review

Date of Discharge: 1 Oct 1998
Yours sincerely,

Dr Shane McKee

WardRound is now FREEWARE.  All the functions which were previously only available to registered users are now available to everyone.  Namely :-

The app comes with a sample patient file, and program documentation.

Using WardRound

If you like the program, you might like to mail or email Shane and tell him so.
There's now no need to send any money.  Its FREEWARE :-)

I hope you like it.  If you have any comments, or are using the program, please Email me.  Same goes for bugs!

Download WardRound for Psion Series 3a/c/mx    (Latest version : July 1998)

Download WardRound for Psion Siena    (Latest version Oct 1998)