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The Main Repository for all 'Freeware' Psion Medical Software.

Psion General Hospital is the 'Centre of Excellence' for all your medical Psion & EPOC palmtop needs.

I aim to provide a useful source of information on the application of Psions in Medicine and Surgery.  Here you can find reviews of almost every piece of medical software in common use on any SIBO or EPOC machine.  Where the software is 'freeware', you can download it from this website.  Where the software is 'shareware', links are provided to the appropriate external website.

I hope this website is useful for all you Psion owning medics.  I would like to encourage feedback and support.  Tell me what you would like to see on this site and I will try accommodate you.

Dr Jason Wolfe.

The EPOC Software Repository

Psion General Hospital

The files found here are for use on the Psion Series 5, 5mx, Series 7,
Revo, Revo Plus, GeoFox One, Ericsson MC218, Oregon Osaris, & netBook.

The SIBO Software Repository


The files found here are for use on the
Psion Series 3, 3a, 3c, 3mx and Siena machines.

If you are new to using your Psion / EPOC machine and you want guidance on how to get the best from it; or if you are thinking of writing some medical software of your own, then check out the webpage 'Current Best Practice in Using Your Psion' contributed by Dr Shane McKee.


Here are some links to the other places
you can find medical software for your Psion.

Palmaris Medical Ltd Commercial Medical Software for your EPOC Machine!  Includes the excellent MediKit Medical Calculation Program, QCite Reference Manager, Client_L Patient Management System, sLOG Surgical Logbook, and MediNotes Database.
Jason Wolfe's Website Go here to find out all about medical software available for the SIBO & EPOC machines.  His site also has several pearls of wisdom for Psion-using medics as well as the massive Drugs Database - a formulary in your pocket.
David Henshaw's Website Author of QCite & MedMate.  This website is no longer maintained but still has some downloads available, plus reviews of some of the old favourites.    QCite is now sold through Palmaris.
Shane McKee's Website Author of WardFive, Client_L & PDBRead.  Again, the website is no longer maintained.  Shane has shifted his attentions to maintaining the Palmaris Website.  Client_L is also sold through Palmaris.
Jonathan Perry's Website Author of MediKit.  This is without doubt the best utility for carrying out medical calculations on any platform.  Hundreds of different calculations are possible, including infusion calculations, physiological scores, storing drug information and many different paediatric conversions.  MediKit is now sold through Palmaris.
Wayne Gillingham's Website     Author of sLog & MaxSACS.  A full specification surgical logbook which has already been customised to work with all of the surgical specialities.  You choose the speciality and the program alters itself to comply with the SAC guidelines for that speciality.  Once entered, you can analyse your logbook data and produce printouts.  sLOG is now sold through Palmaris.
Kimo Hirayama's Website Author of ChartNote.  Chartnote is a very powerful patient tracking application which allows you to take down and organise your patient info for easy retrieval and printing.  ChartNote is now sold through Palmaris.
Chris Hopkins' Website Review & Discussion site for all things PDA / Anaesthetic related.  The site is excellently organised and contains a wealth of information and links.  Chris is the author of 'ScataLog'.
MediCal Online This is Jim Berrington's Website, the author of Anaelog & EZPaeDZ - Two key programs which put Psions on the map for Anaesthetists.  Anaelog is the original anaesthetic logbook which came before ScataLog.  EZPaeDZ is a program which carries out all sorts of paediatric anaesthetic & resuscitation calculations.
SCATA Website Check out the latest programs available from the 'Society for Computing & Technology in Anaesthesia'.  Mostly anaesthetic logbooks and calculation programs.
Tim Wigmore's Website Author of the excellent 'FRCA' Database - A Psion data file with detailed notes on over 400 anaesthetic topics.  Very useful for those studying for the anaesthetic exam.
Len Funk's Website Here you can find all sorts of orthopaedic software for use on your EPOC machine.  Mostly EPOC Data & Word Files.
Matt Fletcher's Website Author of Orth, AOClassify & Fracture - Programs which display and explain the various orthopaedic & fracture classification systems.  Matt's website is called 'PsiOrth'.
Mark Bailey's Website Author of 'Physik Lists' - Large medical information database.
Mark Soth's Website Author of EPOCet Consult - Large medical information database.
Gareth Wild's Website Author of MedBase - Large medical information database.
David Kendall's Website Author of (the now defunct) Medic-AID.
Jason Penfold's Website Author of Boxy & Pip.  For the GP's out there.
Gerard Delafond's Website Parlez-vous Français?  Alors, surfez à la site de tout de suite!  Il y a beaucoups d'information et des programmes médicales pour le Psion Séries 3a/c.  Sans doute un site formidable.

Here are some more general Palmtop / PDA Links which you will doubtless find useful.  Some are not strictly medically orientated, and some are not specifically Psion related but all have a wealth of resources which are worth checking out.

Handheldmed Website      News and reviews relating to palmtops in medicine.  Here you can buy your commercial medical software for Palm & PocketPC..
PDAMD Website More news & reviews about palmtop use in medicine.  Lots of advice, hints and tips.
MedsPDA Website Another website with news & reviews of medical software for the Palm & PocketPC platforms.
TuCows Website Reviews and downloads of almost every freeware and shareware program available on any of the palmtop platforms.  Very detailed and comprehensive.
3-Lib Website Steve Litchfield's general website for all things Psion related.  News, Reviews, Downloads, Programming, and more.
EPOC City Website More EPOC news, reviews, and downloads.
RevoWorld Website EPOC site with a special interest in anything Revo related.
Memoware Website The download site for literally 1000's of documents, databases, & ebooks.  If it's out there, you'll find it here!
The Medical Guide      Palmtop / PDA Medical Software Reviews.  All platforms are covered.

When you have finished on this page, don't forget that there is more medical stuff to see on my general homepage, including a section on medical humour, an English to Zulu medical dictionary, and a guide on how to pass the ATLS course, etc ...

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