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Medical Databases to download :

MediNotes MediNotes Logo MediNotes

MediNotes is a massive Psion EPOC Database File containing many assorted useful medical facts & figures, useful if you like to have this sort of information at your fingertips.  It contains details of many standard reference ranges, as well as other useful management protocols, infusion calculations, various conversions, medical emergencies, and notes on the usage of a number of common drugs.

The Restricted Version available freely from this website has had many of the fields in the database removed to limit its functionality.  The full version has all the fields left intact and (since the demise of Palmaris Medical Ltd) is only avilable from me personally. If you want it, contact me by email.

  'MediNotes'  Homepage.

******   Drug   ******

A Psion Database file containing details of all of the drugs in the British National Formulary`.

The full version of this database includes details of every drug in the BNF, along with its Indications, Side Effects, Cautions, Contra-indications, Interactions, Doses, Modes of Action & Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics.

Unfortunately, I cannot release the 'full' version because of copyright restrictions, but a 'restricted' version exists which has had most of the Side Effects, Cautions, Contra-indications & Interactions removed.  You can download this version now.

To see some screenshots, click  here.

Download Drug :

Up to date for BNF No 46 - September 2003.

(Files will need to be de-archived using an unzipper program - Eg. WinZip or RMRZip)
(SIBO 3 Version 40br  -  10th December 2000.
(EPOC 5 Version 46ar  -  8th December 2003.   217K Zip file).   N E W.
(MS Access Version 46ar  -  8th December 2003).
(CSV  Versions 46ar  -  8th December 2003).
(Palm HanDBase Version 42ar  -  16th February 2002).
(Palm JFile Version 42ar  -  16th February 2002).

Having trouble downloading or installing these databases?
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Series 3   'Drug'  -  Psion Series 3 Version

Series 5   'Drug'  -  Psion Series 5 / 7 / Revo Version

  'Drug'  -  Microsoft Access Version

  'Drug'  -  CSV Version

  'Drug'  -  Palm HanDBase Version

  'Drug'  -  Palm JFile Version

******   Muscle   ******

A Database File listing all of the muscles in the human body with their origins, insertions, actions and nerve supply.  Useful for Medical Students and Trainee Surgeons.  To see some screenshots, click  here.

(Version  -  18th June 1998.   16K Zip File).

  'Muscle'  -  Psion Series 3a/c Version

  'Muscle'  -  Psion Series 5 / 7 / Revo Version

  'Muscle'  -  CSV Version

Forthcoming Projects :

'Synd'  -  Dictionary of Eponymous Syndromes.  (50% Complete)

'Micro'  -  Dictionary of Pathogenic Organisms.  (30% Complete)

'Test'  -  Dictionary of Interpretation of Medical & Laboratory Tests.  (10%)

'Symp'  -  Dictionary of Symptoms & Signs.  (0% Complete)

'Inflam'  -  Dictionary of Inflammatory & Auto-Immune Conditions.  (0%)

'Genet'  -  Dictionary of Genetic & Congenital Conditions.  (0% Complete)

Psion Series 3 EMR (Electronic Medical Record) / Patient Management Programs :

These programs are Psion Series 3 OPL Program files.  The three programs together make up an integrated package which can be used to keep, organise, list, sort, and audit patients' hospital records.

The difference between my patient management programs all the other ones out there, are that my programs use the standard 'Data' file format, just like the files you use for your address book (although the labels are obviously changed to suit storing patient information).

My programs work by analysing these data files to produce tidy printouts of whatever information you want to extract from them.  When you are not printing out the files, you naturally use the standard 'Data' application for viewing and updating them.

Each of the following programs has its own homepage with full help-file included.  Using them is free, but you must register.

Listpat Homepage

A hospital patient tracking program which will produce tidy printouts of your patients according to various user-defined criteria.  I use this program to produce nice tidy patient lists for consultant ward-rounds.

Match Audit Homepage

A Hospital audit program which can search for and list patients which match a certain specified set of criteria.  You can also use this program to do medical and surgical audit, and you can even extract data from your files to produce a logbook.

Sort Homepage

A program which will sort any data file according to various criteria.   You can sort according to First Name, Surname, Number and Date.  Naturally the file to be sorted can hold any type of data and doesn't necessarily need to hold patient information.

Other things to download :

A suggested format for clerking patients with all the standard questions you might ever want to ask.  I developed this in the months following starting the clinical part of the medical course at LHMC.  It might for example be useful for medical students and perhaps 'Nurse Practitioners'.


A suggested format for approaching the moulage of the ATLS exam.  It tells you how to approach the management of the patient, which examinations to perform and in which order.  It was produced as a culmination of my experiences during the ATLS course.


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