Medical Humour  -  Inappropriate Names

Warning - This building is alarmed!
     Department of Psychology Warning  -  This building is alarmed!

Sleeping Prohibited
     Sleeping Prohited !!!   I wonder if they allow you to rest in peace?

D&V Supplies
     A Warehouse in Scotland

Dr Soares - Dermatologist
     Dr Soares  -  Dermatologist in Bombay, India

Candida Toothpaste
     French Toothpaste

Coffee, Ice Cream, Toast & ECT
     From a cafe in Greece

Smeg Washing Machines
     Advert for an Italian Washing Machine

Place Names

Herpes, France
     Unfortunately Named French Village

Piles, Spain
     A Town on the Costa Blanca, Spain

Binges, France
     Village in the Cote-D'Or, Bourgogne, France

Specimen Avenue
     Specimen Avenue

Arsoli, Italy
     A Village near Rome

Shop Fronts

STD Computers
     Electronics shop in Shrewsbury

A&E Hair Fashions
     A&E Hair Fashions

Adalat Cloth Stores
     A new view of Calcium Antagonists, from Stratford Road, Birmingham.

Chinese Piles Centre
     Chinese Piles Centre (!?!), Penang, Malaysia

Anal Warehouse
     Somewhere in the Midlands

Labia Theatre
     Cinema in South Africa

We Have Crabs!
     Perhaps they should get some Malathion or Permethrin !!

Autistic SHO
     Anti-discrimination policy gone mad  (or perhaps a charity shop!)

Strep Snack Bar
     Snack bar in Prague

Funeral Centre
     Funeral Centre, Rotten Row, Zimbabwe

     Cafe in Old Prague


BMA Tobacco
     Burley Marketing Association in Zimbabwe

Pure PR Agency
     Public relations company in Yorkshire

PR School of Motoring
     P.R. School of Motoring.

D&C Taxis
     Gyneacology consultations on the move

Slightly Used Toilet Rolls
     Strange notice from South Africa.

Afternoon Tea with Ether
     Afternoon Tea with Ether

Signs & Notices

Dangerous Corner
     Sign outside Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia

MSU Sign
     Sign in Malta  (for any travellers who are suffering from a UTI)

Chiropodist  -->  30 feet away
     Chiropodist  -->  30 feet away

Melina Tavern
     Greek Tavern on the island of Kos

CSF Change
     Bureau de change in Nice, France.  (Change Sans Frontieres)

HRT Travel Services
     HRT Travel Services

Cream Teas
     Charity function in aid of the British Heart Foundation

Restack Stools After Use
     Seen in a hospital ward bathroom.

Use Pubic Pathway Provided
     Kindly use the pubic pathway.  (Argyllshire, Scotland)

Flashers must be operating
     Sign seen in Memphis, Tennessee

Barium Bar
     Seen in a port along the Turkish Coast.

Aberdeen Anus
     Christmas lunch advertised in a local paper.

Hostilic Therapy
     Alternative Medical Practitioner in Kilkenny, Ireland

Emmessis Ice Cream
     Advert for Ice Cream in Iceland


Losec BC
     Seen in the Colosseum in Rome

Neoplastic Glue
     Glue cartons in Cyprus

Semen World
     Seen at the Royal Cornwall Show.  Meaning unknown.

Buried Live Services
     Buried Live Services

Sanitarium Corn Flakes
     Santiarium Corn Flakes

Burgers, Published by Prion
     A new book about 'hamburgers'.  Note the name of the publishers.

Orthopaedics & Frac.ure
     Ipswitch Hospital Orthopaedics & Frac..ure Clinic



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