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Surgeon who cuts himself shaving Magnify

Appendix Operation Magnify

Dammit Hoskins! The ruddy book was upside down Magnify

Not This Leg Magnify

My dad's a lawyer Magnify

Lance Boil - Brace Yourself Magnify

Fish in Endoscopy Magnify

Fish in Endoscopy Magnify

Not that balloon, you idiot Magnify

Keyhole Surgery Magnify

Laser Surgery Magnify

Watch where that thing lands Magnify

The appendix is a small pink thing ... Magnify

Its not every day you operate on your bank manager Magnify

Chief Surgeon Berkowicz Magnify

How do you expect me to operate ... Magnify

Impending Medical Negligence Suit Magnify

Your cardiac surgery was a success Magnify

I don't trust these surgeons Magnify

The valve's stuck. Magnify

Anaesthetic Knockouts Magnify

There's been some sort of mistake ... Magnify

Relax - He's in a good mood Magnify

Positively the worst case of ectopic pregnancy I've seen Magnify

We don't know what it is but we do know it's contagious Magnify



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