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Anatomical differences between the Male & Female Brain Magnify

Germs Have Rights Too Magnify

Do you have one saying 'Save the Smallpox Bacteria' Magnify

Casualty Department Magnify

Doctor, can you take a look at my knuckles? Magnify

Blood Transfusion Account Magnify

Please leave your name, number and a short diagnosis Magnify

Telemedicine in action Magnify

Let Me Through - I'm a receptionist Magnify

Stand Back - I'm a receptionist Magnify

We're replacing you with a midwife Magnify

A sick sense of humour Magnify

First Aid Box Magnify

Just what kind of specialist did you have in mind? Magnify

Textbook on medical ethics on the black market Magnify

It's the only way I can get them to read Magnify

Churchill - Scan them on the beaches Magnify

So that's where my christmas pudding went! Magnify

Bottle of Viagra Magnify

Hospital parking 4 miles Magnify

Consultant Car Park Magnify

Hagar the Horrible Magnify

Botulinum Toxin - Vacant Expression Magnify

Heimlich Manoeuvre Magnify

Airbags More Trouble Magnify

Mad Cow Disease Magnify

Government Health Warning - Milk Magnify

Didn't Wash Hands! Magnify



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