My Favourites

Yes - That's my surgeon - The one who cuts himself shaving Magnify

Dammit Hoskins - We had the ruddy book upsidedown Magnify

It's a pity you're not having an appendix operation Magnify

Your pulse is very very weak Magnify

If you insist on a second opinion Magnify

I have a suspicious looking mole on my shoulder Magnify

If we gave you nice food ... Magnify

It's not a good sign Magnify

We don't know what it is but we do know it's contagious Magnify

Just plain nuts Magnify

Gynaecologist postroom Magnify

To save time please take your clothes off now Magnify

Age?  You mean now or when we first sat down? Magnify

The NHS Staff Motto Magnify

Understanding Computer Technology Magnify

The Male & Female Brain Magnify

I think it's stress Magnify

Stress - The Confusion ... Magnify

Marriage - Before & After Magnify

Total defiance is the only answer Magnify

Never ever give up Magnify



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