Medical Humour  -  Doctors

He criticizes everything! Magnify

Give up smoking, drinking, and fried food Magnify

Your pulse is very very weak Magnify

Second Opinion - Gallbladder / Kidneys Magnify

That hurts, does it? Magnify

Now you'll just feel a slight prick Magnify

there's nothing wrong with your reflexes Magnify

Say Aah - AAAAAH Magnify

Pitfalls of Private Medicine Magnify

How would you like to pay - Over the counter / odds Magnify

Baffled Magnify

Consent Form Magnify

Take it with a pinch of salt Magnify

False Medical Certificate Magnify

Gynaecology Pigeon Hole Magnify

They're lowering the doctor down now Magnify

The public still trusts doctors Magnify

I have to tell you that you have nothing famous Magnify

We're going to have to repeat these x-rays again Magnify

Healthiest Patient on ICU Magnify

What you seem to lack is a sense of occasion Magnify

Medical Poker Magnify

Chernobyl Time Share Magnify

I would have been on strike, but ... Magnify

Medical science has taken leaps ahead Magnify

How much for a Brain Transplant? Magnify



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