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This is my homepage where you can find details about my CV,
my computers and the programs / databases I have written.

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Also Known as 'Psion General Hospital'.
The Main Repository for all 'Freeware' Psion Medical Software.


The Main Repository for 'Commercial' EPOC Medical Software.

Medical Humour

Probably the Largest Medical Humour Website in the World.

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I am an English Doctor living in North London. I completed my general surgical training a few years ago, having passed the MRCS exam, but I am now aiming for a career in Emergency Medicine.

My main interests, apart from medicine and surgery, include travel, playing the piano, computer programming, medical informatics, and the internet.  I like to keep fit, diving in the oceans, or climbing to the top of mountains, and I also enjoy a vigorous game of squash.

For the last decade though, I have been travelling the world, working as a cruise ship doctor.

PS: I know this website looks a bit old-fashioned, but it is all hand-coded !!

In This Site

Within this web-site are details of my CV, and all the computer programs and databases I have written.  Many other things which I am interested in also get a mention somewhere.  You can even read a transcript of my medical elective report where I went to Mosvold Hospital, South Africa.  My project on my elective was to produce an 'English to Zulu Medical Dictionary'.

Psion Medical Databases
One of my main interests these days is the production of medically useful Psion / Palmtop Database files.
'MediNotes' is a vast collection of miscellaneous data useful for the mobile Psion carrying medic who wants to have information at his or her finger-tips and who hates looking things up in reference books.  You can download the free restricted version of the database from this website.  The full database is for sale on the Palmaris Website.
'Drug' is the culmination of 5 years of (intermittent) work and lists full details of all the drugs in the 'British National Formulary'.
'Muscle' lists details of all the muscles in the human body with origins, insertions, nerve supply and actions.
'Clerk' is an HTML file which sets out a suggested format for clerking a patient, giving details of all the questions you might ever want to ask and which examinations to perform.
'ATLS' is an HTML file which sets out a suggested format for approaching the moulage of the ATLS exam.  It tells you how to approach the management of the patient, which examinations to perform and in which order.
Registration  for use of these files is not compulsory, but would be nice, since I like to know how many people are out there using the databases, and I can even contact you by email to notify you of any updates.

I have other projects in preparation, so watch this space.

Number of Registered Database Users :  1306

Psion Patient Management Programs
I have also written a group of 3 programs for the Psion Series 3a/c/mx organiser which are used to keep, update, sort and audit all my Patients' records.  The programs are called 'Listpat', 'Match', & 'Sort'.
'Listpat' produces a tidy printout of your patients in the order that you specify, useful for wardrounds;
'Match' searches through your patients records looking for records which match a certain criteria, useful in medical and surgical audit;
'Sort' re-orders any Psion database file based on any alphabetical, numerical or date criteria which you choose to specify.
The programs are all available for download from this web-site.  All you have to do to use them is  register  your use with me, and thereafter technical support and upgrades are free.  There are plenty of people registered using my programs over the last 3 years, but unbeknown to me it may have spread further afield, especially now that it is available for download on the web.

Number of Registered Program Users :  70

Medical Humour
Also in this web-site is a section on 'medical humour', mostly in the form of medically related cartoons which I have seen and then scanned in over the years.  This section is being continuously updated and I would be especially pleased to receive any related images or text from people who are reading this page.  Once received, I would probably then place the images on my humour page so others can view them as well.  Also linked to this page are a selection of my favourite jokes, both medical and non-medical.

Finally, I am very interested in music, and I am an enthusiastic piano player, mostly of classical music.  I have collected a number of MIDI files of particular pieces of music that I like, some of which I have played myself and these files I will be placing on my site every so often over the coming months.

Hope you find the site interesting or even useful.  Email me if you want to discuss anything.

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