MediNotes by Palmaris Medical

We have all had occasion to need to 'look up something' whilst on the wards, and with the increasing use of EPOC based PDA's in the workplace, it only seems natural to use them as a quick reference for such information.  MediNotes is a stunning new medical database comprised of some of the more common facts, figures and protocols that doctors may need access to on the ward without the need to go hunting for a textbook.

MediNotes is run from the extras bar like any other EPOC application, but the core of the program uses the 'built in' Data application, and is therefore compatible with all current machines.  Here is a shot taken from the Psion Revo.



Jason has managed to concentrate on all those topics that we are most likely to need a quick reference for, and brought them together into a database format that is ideally suited for such information.  The application is made up of a series of alphabetically ordered entries covering a multitude of diverse areas of interest from emergency protocols for management of acute asthma, to contact details for interpreters.  Items are provided in a simple to use format, as seen below, making good use of imbedded tables within the database.



Large data files are sometimes slow on older EPOC machines, but this is not a problem with MediNotes on my old Series 5.  There are faster database programs available for EPOC, but, the presence of the 'Data' application on all devices, along with it's ability to accept imbedded objects, make it the natural choice.

There are no imbedded pictures, but this is the right decision, as their use would increase the already large file size, as well as not being immediately visible on machines without the 'Sketch' application, e.g. Psion Revo, unless you have already installed the freeware program 'Sketch for the Revo'.

If you are not immediately convinced of the need to buy MediNotes, you can download a special trial version to take a look at.  Considering all the hard work that has gone into producing such a large file, $30 is not an unreasonable price to pay.  There are undoubtedly areas within the database that an individual may dispute, however these can be changed to your own preference.  The author has also expressed an interest to hear from others, and may add their suggestions to updated versions.

There are items of interest to all doctors in MediNotes, and it is well worth adding it to your PDA. Well done Jason !


MediNotes was designed by Jason Wolfe and is distributed as shareware by Palmaris Medical.

Written by : Chris Hopkins

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