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MediNotes is the most detailed and wide-ranging database of general medical information yet available for the EPOC platform.  It aims to list the facts, figures, and protocols which are useful to you in your clinical practice.  By having this information on portable computer, it reduces the need to run back to text-books or carry around scraps of paper.

Subjects covered include biochemical, haematological, and physiological reference values, emergency protocols and procedures, notes on the use of many drugs and infusions, conversions between various units, all sorts of medical scales and scoring systems, and a large section on paediatric drug doses.  Elsewhere there are notes on various important aspects of Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical Chemistry, Nutrition, Clinical Medicine, Surgery, Radiology, Psychiatry, and even entries on general examination / viva technique.

A free sampler version of the database is available from this website to whet your appetite, but this has had many key areas of information removed to limit its functionality.  In particular, almost all of the emergency management information has been removed, more than half of the paediatric drug information has been removed, about half of each of the tables and spreadsheets has been deleted, and any scores or scales which originally had explanations on how to use them have had these explanations removed.

At the last count, the full database contained entries with :-

For a full list of the subjects covered, see the end of this page.

The database is currently over 700K in size (no graphics) and new entries are being added all the time.  Registration will entitle the user to free upgrades of any new versions which are released from time to time.  You can download both the Full and the Sampler versions of the database, but without the registration code, you will not be able to run the full version.

The full version is available only through Palmaris and is priced at $30 / £18.

(Files will need to be de-archived using an unzipper program - Eg. WinZip or RMRZip)
(Sampler Version  -  165K Zip File.   500K Uncompressed).
(Full Version   -  245K Zip File.   800K Uncompressed).
(Version   -  1.00    28th May 2000).

Sampler     Download  'MediNotes'  -  Sampler Version  (Free).

MediNotes     Download  'MediNotes'  -  Full Series 5 Version (Registration Required!)

MediNotes     Download  'MediNotes'  -  Full Revo Version (Registration Required!)

Having trouble downloading or installing MediNotes?  Click  here  to see my helpfile.

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     Current List of Subjects Covered in the Database

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