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Acorn Archimedes Programs

I dabble in computer programming so here are a few of my computer programs which you can now examine and download.  The programs are written in BBC Basic V or its Assembler.  They can only be run on an Archimedes type computer or a suitable BBC Basic V Emulator.  Remember to 'SetType' the file to Basic before running.

A simple 2D CAD Program :

2D CAD Program

A simple 3D Computer Aided Design Program :

3D CAD Program

My version of 'Game of Life' :

Game of Life

My quickest version of a Prime Number Calculator :

Fast Prime Number Calculator

My version of a SubGram Calculator  (Like in the program 'Countdown') :

SubGram Application

My version of a Crossword Calculator :

Crossword Calculator

A magic trick which guesses the number you thought of :

Guessing Numbers Program

A simple Basic Array Data Sorter :

Basic Array Data Sorter

My version of a simple Statistical Package :

Statistical Package

Other things to download :

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