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(Full Registration 12.8.94)


School St. James Independent School, Victoria, London, SW1.
(Jan 1976 - July 1987)
O Levels English language, English literature, History, Maths, Physics,Chemistry, Law, Greek, Latin, Religious Studies.
(June 1984 & 1985 - Oxford & Cambridge Board)
A levels Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
(June 1987 - Oxford & Cambridge Board)
Medical School         The London Hospital Medical College
(Sept 1988 - July 1993)
Degree MB, BS
(July 1993 - University of London)
Diploma MRCS
(Royal College of Surgeons of England)
(December 1999)


Feb 1995     Attended the Havering Hospitals induction course in Accident & Emergency Medicine.
April 1996     Approved Training Course in Ionising Radiation Protection.  Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital Site.
Jan 1999     'Basic Surgical Skills' course at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.
March 1999     ATLS 'Advanced Trauma Life Support' course at Stevenage Hospital.
Jan 2000     Immediate Medical Care 'Crowd Doctor' at Sporting Events Course.
June 2000     ALS 'Advanced Life Support' course at Brent Cross ALS.
Sept 2000     PALS 'Paediatric Advanced Life Support' course at Southampton Hospital.


1.    Whilst working at Princess Alexandra Hospital Accident & Emergency Department, I carried out an audit of the department's 'ReMaSS' patient attendance and medical coding computer network.  I came up with a large number of suggestions for improvements and increased productivity, many of which were taken up and implemented over the next few months.
2. I have presented many other audits throughout the time of my training including the Hepatopancreaticobiliary Audit whilst at Hammersmith Hospital, and the Burns Audit whilst at St. Andrews Plastic Surgery Unit.
3. I currently have a paper in preparation for publication.  The title is 'Exposing the myth concerning Parrish's Chemical Food and its relation to Basal Cell Carcinomas'.


1.    As you will later read, a major interest of mine is the production and publication of medical reference databases for use on palmtop computers.  I have already published a number of these databases, mostly for use on Psion computers, and there are thousands of people around the world using them.   One of these medical programs has been released commercially and continues to be a best-seller.
2. On a lighter note, I have created and maintain what is probably the largest medical humour website on the internet.


At present I am working full time on producing an electronic medical textbook for palmtop computers. The full project is likely to take about 2 years in total and I am now about half way through. To earn during this time I occasionally work as a locum in Surgery or A&E.


Aug 1993 - Jan 1994 HO General Surgery.
The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel.
(3 Months Cardiothoracic Surgery with Messrs Wood and Magee, and 3 months General and Plastic Surgery with Messrs Earlam and Niranjan).
Feb 1994 - July 1994 HO General Medicine.
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, Essex.
(3 Months Chest Medicine & Care of the Elderly with Drs Waller and Morgan, and 3 months Cardiology and Care of the Elderly with Drs Milne and Ambepitiya).
Aug 1994 - Dec 1994 Motorcycle tour of Europe.
A six month trip travelling on my motorbike, taking in all the major sites of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.  I wrote a book about my adventures during these travels.
Feb 1995 - July 1995 SHO Accident & Emergency Department.
Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, Essex.
Consultant: Mr Keith Harvey.
Aug 1995 - Jan 1996 Locum SHO posts in Accident & Emergency and Medicine.

This was following a motorcycle accident which injured my thumb and prevented me from taking up a surgical post whilst it healed.

1 Year Surgical Rotation at Hammersmith Hospital, London.
Feb 1996 - July 1996 SHO in Trauma & Orthopaedics.
Hammersmith Hospital Rotation.
Consultants: Messrs Evans, England, Coombs & Strachan.
Aug 1996 - Jan 1997 SHO in General & Hepatopancreaticobiliary Surgery.
Hammersmith Hospital Rotation.
Consultants: Professor RCN Williamson & Mr NA Habib

2 Year Surgical Rotation at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow.
Feb 1997 - July 1997 SHO in Orthopaedics & Back Surgery at PAH.
(Consultant - Mr Hussein)
Aug 1997 - Jan 1998 SHO in Orthopaedics & Plastics at PAH.
Orthopaedic Consultant - Mr Hill,
Plastics Consultant - Mr Alvarez
Feb 1998 - July 1998 SHO Accident & Emergency Dept at PAH.
Consultants - Mr Keith Harvey & Mrs Judith Fisher
Aug 1998 - Jan 1999
SHO Ophthalmology at PAH.
Consultants - Mr Fawcett, Miss Flaye & Mr Vempali

Following that :-
Feb 1999 - May 1999
Locum SHO posts in Surgery, Plastics, Orthopaedics, A&E and Ophthalmology.
June 1999 - Feb 2000
SHO Plastic Surgery at the St Andrew's Unit, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford.
(Including various elements of General Plastics, Burns Unit, and Hand Surgery).
Feb 2000 - May 2000
Full time work producing a commercial medical application called 'MediNotes'.  This program is already a best seller on the EPOC platform.
June 2000 - Nov 2000
Locum Specialist Registrar (LAS) in Accident & Emergency Medicine at Southampton General Hospital.
Consultants - Mr Heyworth & Mr Clancy.
Nov 2000 - June 2001
SHO Anaesthetics at Southend General Hospital.
Many consultants, including Dr Woodham (Postgraduate Clinical Tutor)
July 2001 - Oct 2001
SHO Intensive Care at University Hospital Lewisham.
Consultants - Dr Van Heerden, Dr Barrera, Dr Jennings, & Dr Mostert.


My future career intention is to specialise in Accident & Emergency Medicine.  I have always enjoyed the wide variety of cases which can be seen in the A&E setting and relish the speciality's proclivity for acute cases.  I am a member of the British Association for Accident & Emergency Medicine.

Up to this point, I have pursued a higher qualification in surgery as a stepping stone to the registrar grade in A&E.  I have nevertheless aimed to make my surgical training as relevant to a career in A&E as possible.  I have already completed 15 months as an SHO in Accident & Emergency (plus 5 months as a registrar), as well as 18 months total doing Orthopaedics and Trauma.  I consider my training in Ophthalmology to be particularly relevant to my future experience and feel in general that the aptitude of SHO's in dealing with acute eye conditions is one aspect which could be greatly improved in many A&E departments.

I have 14 months training in Plastic Surgery (6 months of which was allied with Orthopaedics) and from this I have attained not only an appreciation of the methods and aesthetics of closing wounds well, but also have gained substantial experience in the management of burns and hand injuries.  The St. Andrews Unit in Broomfield, Chelmsford has the largest burns unit in Europe, and as the burns SHO, I was responsible for presenting the daily ward rounds and also in general for the day to day management of patients on the ward.  Eight of the beds on the burns unit are intensive care beds, and so in conjunction with the anaesthetists on the unit, I was able to gain an appreciation of the management of these critically ill patients.

Most recently, I have completed eight months of training in Anaesthetics as a SHO, plus three months on an intensive care unit.  These posts were to give me a familiarity with the care of the unconscious or critically ill patient and the opportunity to become fluent at airway management and intubation.

My ultimate aim is to obtain a numbered registrar training post in Accident & Emergency Medicine.  Whilst I do have substantial experience in many aspects of A&E medicine, I fully realise that because I have taken the surgical route, there are still some gaps in my training.  In the time before I join a training rotation, I would especially like to gain some extra experience in General Medicine, Cardiology, or Paediatrics and so if any such posts are advertised, I will endeavour to take up one of these posts in the knowledge that it will contribute to my overall training.


1.    I am very interested in how modern technology can help the gathering, storing and accessing of medical information.  There is much information which is currently only available in large textbooks which could easily be transferred to portable palmtop computers and used as a mobile reference.  For many years now, I have been producing and developing various reference databases which I have published from my website.  Already I have produced a Psion version of the British National Formulary, as well as a database containing practically every reference range, chart, table and physiological variable that any doctor will ever need to know.  This latter database (called 'MediNotes') is currently a best seller on the EPOC platform.  There are now thousands of people worldwide using my software.
2. I maintain an active interest in medical and surgical audit and understand the importance of keeping good written and computerised patient records.  As part of my not inconsiderable computer skills, I have written specialised patient management and auditing programs for the Psion series of computers.  These programs aim to provide a template for keeping and displaying patient records whether this is for the purpose of ward rounds or for audit.  My programs allow you search a patient database and print out entries which match a certain set of specified criteria.  These programs are now published as Shareware‘ on my website and are now in general use by a great number of other doctors.
3. I consider myself to have good communication skills and have enjoyed any opportunity to teach which has come my way.  In particular, I enjoy the opportunity to take a subject where I feel there is insufficient good literature available, break this subject down into manageable chunks and write a document which clearly explains the subject.  So far, I have produced and published (on my website) two of these documents to significant critical acclaim.  The first of these documents is a protocol for use by medical students or nurse practitioners on how to fully and properly clerk a patient.  The second of these documents follows on from my experiences during the ATLS course and is a protocol on how best to approach the management of a multiply injured patient.  The document is specifically targeted at getting people to pass the moulage of the ATLS exam.


1.    I am very computer literate: I am already familiar with most of the hospital computer systems, and am able to program in five computer languages.   I maintain a fairly substantial website relating to Palmtop Computers in Medicine‘ at ‘.  This site is the main repository for all medically related Psion software, and here I test out and review any new software which is submitted for inclusion on the website.
2. On a separate front, I am a founder member, director, secretary and treasurer of 'Palmaris Medical' - an organisation of like-minded doctor programmers who are actively developing medical applications and information resources for the Psion and EPOC computer platforms.  My purpose and function in the organisation is as you would expect - the production of useful mobile medical reference databases.
3. I also maintain a website which is dedicated to medical humour.  Here I collect and display medically related cartoons, comic hospital notices, medical jokes and unusual medical stories or scenarios.  I now believe my site is the biggest medical humour website on the internet.
4. Whilst at Princess Alexandra Hospital, I was the Mess President and Junior Doctors' Representative for 18 months.  I was responsible for a number of improvements in junior doctors' working conditions and I was the liaison between the junior doctors and the hospital management.  In addition I was the social secretary responsible for mess entertainments, organising social events and drug lunches on a weekly basis.  As treasurer I brought the mess out of a state of financial chaos to a point where it was a profit making, self sustaining venture.
5. I am a fairly accomplished classical piano musician and have given a number of recitals in my time.
6. Other work experience:
  • London Motorcycle Courier  (3 months)
  • Carpenter  (3 months)
  • Casualty Clerk  (in the Royal London & Whittington Hospitals)
7. Full motorcycle and car licences held.


Motorcycling, Cycling, Squash, Tennis, Swimming, Skiing.
Piano playing, Computer programming, Internet, Medical Humour, Marquetry, Tarantulas, Reading, Chess, Photography, Home improvement.
I have travelled extensively in France, Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Canada, USA, Israel, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.


Witheld from Web Version.

1st October 2002